Teltron Inc.

We have been established in 2000 which is base on chemical semiconductor technology. Also we have making a dash and go a development of high quality and leading technology product in high-frequency part. Teltron’s purpose is to develop and produce RF MMIC, RF Module and system. It has produced transmitter/receiver RF chipset for 2 GHz Rx Tx MMIC, transmitter/receiver RF chipset for DSRC terminal and phase shifter of active antenna for DBS since 2002. 6. Beside we have completed a development for Zener diode for ESD protection and Small Pre-amp for ECM, Motion Detection Unit(Nothing to temperature, humidity, sound, electrical noise) lately. As we are one of the leading company in high frequency wireless communication, we will be go into the leader of market with leading technology, high quality and low price. We have opened the door to generate synergy effect by cooperation with other companies and to upgrade our technology by customers advice.With desire of being leaders in the future society where we’ll live together, we’ll do our best to develop and produce products.

26-41, Gajeongbuk-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Korea
+82 42 360 2000