Swifter Fans

Swifter® is a leading manufacturer of big HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fans, large solar-powered ceiling fans, big fans, wall fans, pole fans for Commercial, industrial, large warehouses and gyms/fitness centers.
Swifter® Facility Fans are the newest and most innovative HVLS and HVHS (High Volume, High Speed) fans on the market. We have High-Efficiency fans as well as Industrial-Grade fans for facilities requiring more robust air performance. Our Facility Fans are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum blades and available with corrosion & humidity resistant patented FRP composite blades for stringent industrial environments. They have proven performance and incorporate technology from the legacy Swifter® Equipment Fan resulting in the lowest Watt/CFM rating.
For the last 25+ years, Swifter® has been a quality engineered solution provider for moving air across heat-exchangers, cooling towers and other industrial heat transfer equipment to reject process heat in a highly efficient way. Our product range includes a broad spectrum of patented FRP composite energy-efficient and ultra-low noise industrial axial-fans up to 40’ in diameter. Our technology allows customers to “Go Green” by eliminating air conditions and using swifter fans to keep cool.
Glocon, Inc. (DBA Swifter Fans) has been designing and manufacturing industrial and commercial axial fans for over 20 years and serves the cooling equipment OEM and facility air movement system markets. Being the first to develop large scale production of Ultra-Low-Sound (ULS) fans up to 156” diameter for industrial cooling systems we’ve supplied over 7000 ULS fans worldwide! In our effort to “Go Green”, we have developed some of the most efficient blade airfoils in the industry that use less energy and provide more performance.
We are always at the forefront of innovation, so whether your needs are fans for equipment or creating a more comfortable facility environment, we can help you Perform Better and Achieve More.

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