Scondar electronic Company Ltd

Scondar electronic Company Ltd is a Hong Kong based company with factory in mainland China which have more then 12 years’ of manufacturing experience specialized in all kinds of electronic components which are widely used in our daily life.

Our products quality are guaranteed by our Hong Kong management to meet international standards. Our prices are the best competitive from the better terms of the production cost in mainland China. We have provided nearly a hundred of connectors which are commonly used for automobiles, home appliances, post and telecommunications, medical electronics, electric power, industrial manufacturing ,automation and military products, etc.Our products can be widely used in household appliances, automobile, lighting, laptop, telephone, computer, printer, toys, medical equipment, LAN and WAN, and all the correlative terminal areas.

We are dedicated to making strong and durable products, we are trying our best to provide both sophisticated services and high cost-efficiency products to satisfy our clients as well.


No.1 Building Gaoda Industrial Park, Shuibu Rd Fenggang, Dongguan, China
+86 769-82851583