Since 1998 SARTEL KABLO, has always managed to have its name mentioned in the cable industry with its good aspects and its differences. Our company, which started its first export to Finland with our investment in the Nazilli district of Aydın, continues today to sell 85% of its exports on the European market. Board facilities today have one of Turkey’s largest low-voltage cable capacity. As of the end of 2012, we are a dynamic cable company with a total indoor area of ​​25,000 m2, 18,000 square meters of cable production facility, 5,000 square meters of copper wire production facility, and 2,000 square meters of submersible motor coil wire production facility on an area of ​​115,000 m2. . Latest system control technologies are used in all of our facilities and we have the most efficient machinery and equipment in the industry.
SARTEL CABLE, which manufactures according to Turkish and international standards, PVC INSULATED CONDUCTORS, PVC INSULATED Y TYPE CABLES, PVC INSULATED CONTROL CABLES, RUBBER INSULATED CABLES, CABLES, WIRES AND CABLES manufactures low voltage energy groups. It also produces submersible motor coil wire for submersible motor manufacturers. All the quality tests of the cables we manufacture are carried out in our laboratory in our facilities by our highly qualified and expert engineers.
Sümer Mh. Şehit Naci Ülker Bulv. No:45 09900 Nazilli / Aydın - Turkey
+ 90 256 316 22 64