Medcaptain Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Founded as an “integrated perioperative solutions provider” in 2011, Medcaptain Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Medcaptain for short) is dedicated to innovation in the fields of Infusion Management, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Rehabilitation Care. Joined hands with professors and doctors from renowned universities and their affiliated hospitals, we vow to build up Medcaptain a leader in medical devices industry.

Medcaptain gathers a group of top talents of the medical field, including senior executives and scientists who have many years’ work experience in globally well-known enterprises, state-level talents involved in “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, key talents of Shenzhen, leading talents, gainer of Guangdong science and technology advancement award, doctors, masters of medical science, and experienced professionals of various fields. They jointly promote the healthy development of Medcaptain. Meanwhile, Medcaptain carries out in-depth communication and cooperation with influential clinical experts and professors in and outside China and establishes united laboratories together with top colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. In addition, Medcaptain merges clinical demands and cutting-edge medical technologies into product innovation, providing users with more valued solutions.

Innovation is the most important gene of Medcaptain. 30% of Medcaptain’s employees are engaged in innovation, research, and development. The innovation driven by the intention to probe into and meet customer needs enables this company to lead its industry by dint of cutting-edge technologies. As a state-level hi-tech enterprise, Medcaptain has been granted over 100 patents and the copyright for more than 10 software applications. From the launch of China’s first touchscreen-based smart infusion workstation to the launch of the best infusion product portfolio in the global smart infusion field, Medcaptain has been making unremitting efforts on product upgrade. Now, Medcaptain has become a company that can provide the most complete solutions in the global infusion field. The market share of Medcaptain’s infusion workstations ranks No.1 in China, and Medcaptain is leading the technology and application innovation in the infusion field. Other products of the rehabilitation and IVD fields independently developed by Medcaptain will also be launched to the market successively, providing global medical institutions with more comprehensive quality services.

Medcaptain’s products are now being extensively used in large grade-III class-A hospitals in principal key cities of China, as well as the medical institutions in nearly 100 nations in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Medcaptain has set up offices in central cities of China and other countries like the Netherlands, Turkey, India, and Nigeria. It has also set up R&D centers in Shenzhen and Nanjing. In addition, a device manufacturing center, IVD diagnostic reagent manufacturing center, and high-end consumables manufacturing center that are established according to international standards will come into service successively. Besides, Medcaptain has established strategic cooperation with globally leading high-quality orthopedic device provider DJO, American well-known IVD company Meridian, and globally leading pharmaceuticals company AstraZeneca for market expanding in and outside China. The rapid and steady development of Medcaptain is high commended by customers and markets. Therefore, Medcaptain has successfully gained strategic capital injection from famous large-scale investment organizations.

In the future, Medcaptain will put continuous investment in R&D and expansion, offer more complete and efficient medical solutions, and work with its partners to impulse the progress in health care.

2th Floor, Baiwang Research Building, NO.5158 Shahe West Road, Xili, Nanshan, 518055 Shenzhen, Guangdong, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA
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