Azen Manufacturing Pte Ltd

TCF-Azen is a Twin City Fan Company that serves the Asia Pacific Region market including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea. Whether simple commercial ventilation or the most demanding industrial and marine applications, TCF-Azen has a suitable air moving solution for the exact application. Our products have been providing years of reliable ventilation on board oil rigs and vessels, and in pharmaceutical, power, water treatment, and incineration plants, as well as specialized OEM applications.

TCF-Azen’s mission is to provide simple and workable solutions for any complex problem that customer may face. The ability to do this effectively on a consistent basis is what differentiates the company from the local competition. Founded on a simple principle of innovative design and exceptional functionality, TCF-Azen is adept at blending technical sophistication and best engineering practices to develop practical air moving solutions for a wide range of applications.

Products we offer includes Axial Fans, Industrial Centrifugal Fans, Tunnel Ventilation Fans, High Plume Fans, Mixed Flow Fans, Plenum Fans, Plug Fans, Smoke Extraction Fans (EN12101-3), UL Fans (762 / Smoke Control System), ATEX Fans, API Fans (API 560 / API 673), Performance Weather Louver, Customized Air Intake Unit, Roof Fans, Mancoolers, Induced Draft Fans (ID Fans), Forced Draft Fans (FD Fans), High Pressure Fans, Centrifugal Inline Fans, Engine Exhaust Blower System, Heavy Duty Custom Fans etc.

No. 8 Tuas Link 1, Singapore 638593
+65 6261 0277