I would like to introduce our company:
A fast-growing export-import & Contract manufacturing Polish company
We support & deal with importers,dealers and agents from Africa and Asian countries.
We provide a wide range of women’s sanitary products of the VERA brand.
As for our high quality women’s sanitary product package it includes 11 various types of pads from mini to super+ according to the level of absorbtion and 4 types of tampons. To be more specific, they are all designed for each possible female physiological particularity, not only for menstrual cycle. Our daily pads without wings protect against excessive secretion in general and after intercourse especially. Their
remarkable thickness is not more than 1,5 mm.
We produce highly absorbant tampons that allow women even to swim with no sense of discomfort.
Our main feature is great power of absorbency with only up
to 3mm thickness which makes the pads completely invisible under layers of garments as we care about lady’s comfort and self-esteem.
Our company is different because we provide women the alternatives and choices to have the best.
VERA sanitary napkins…. We take care of womans hygiene
High quality women’s sanitary product package of an exquisite anatomically shaped design. What is more, thickness up to 3 mm provides the highest level of convenience. In addition, an exceptional absorbency and 20% more napkins in each package.
We import the raw material from Western European countries and produce our product on the modern Italian automated lines as we care about our clients and customers and we guarantee an affordable price!
We provide:
• European high quality with international standards at the lowest prices
• Smoothness and comfort
• Protection and safety
• Confidence and assurance
We are a Polish import and export group APCA
An emerging European company dealing with various factories, distributors and agents in Europe, Africa and asia
We are distinguished by discipline and dealing with professionalism and responsibility towards customers
Our products live up to international standards with proven effectiveness and constant monitoring by the company’s experts and technicians.
Customer satisfaction is our goal, quality is our advantage and trust is our standard.
Our dealings include Asian,African and Middle Eastern countries, and we also seek to define Asian and African products in the European market.
We ship and export various products of a European character in general and Polish in particular, with high & excellent quality and cheap prices !!
Our dealings with agents and importers are done professionally
APCA Group poland welcomes dealers,agents and distributors who want to do business with us so that we guarantee: •European high quality products •Fast and accurate delivery for shipments on time •Professional commercial services in various fields •Very competitive & cheap prices!
We offer free samples,,, for more informations please contact us.

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